Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

Customer Testimony

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
Dr Sue Keay – Chief Operating Officer

Re: Australian Centre for Robotic Vision Support for Development of a Demonstration Cell
Dear Mr Brugeaud

We note that through our association with IR4 we have come to identify your company as an organisation that has developed globally significant automation technology that has applications across a broad range of industries. Your technology has clearly demonstrated its position as a global market leader in providing, flexibility, efficiency, and quality improvements to production environments that would otherwise not lend themselves to automation.

The technology is characterised by its suitability for low volume production where there is significant product variability, changing environmental conditions, and large numbers of different products.
With the further development of IR4’s technology providing additional capabilities such as Human – Machine collaboration, UV-cured paint, and fully integrated large-scale 3D scanning, it is easy to see how IR4 will become a global leader in the delivery of such automation solutions. Particularly as IR4 is supported by world-class collaborative partners including the , Weld Australia, KUKA, and QUT’s Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Hub among many others.