Custom Automation


Integrating IR4’s Artificially Intelligent Solutions with Traditional Automation

IR4 has developed and owns significant AI / Machine Learning Intellectual Property that provides a platform for seamless integration with endless configurations of hardware systems.

This means that there is significant depth in IR4’s ability to provide custom solutions specific to customer and industry requirements. IR4s wealth of firsthand experience enables us to deliver powerful and simple to operate solutions.

  • Vision systems including both laser and optic
  • Digital measurement systems
  • Linear and non-linear motion control systems
  • Automated material handling
  • Integrated software solutions
  • Complex artificially intelligent database systems
  • 3D model data interrogation and manipulation systems
  • Simulation systems
  • Automated welding and cutting solutions
  • Sensory solutions
  • Integrated safety networks
  • IR4’s range of developed capabilities can be readily transferred into a multitude of applications.
  • Laser Processing